Monday, December 17, 2012

Poll Post!

Heya Jammers! I'm going to start this new thing called "Poll Post". It will show which answer got the most votes. Whichever answer was voted most will be having it's very own post all about it! For example today was the last day of voting for this week's poll.  This week's question was, "Which is your favorite shaman?" The most voted answer was......... drum roll please!..... PECK! W00t!  This answer was voted by 4 votes :D The other answers to choose from were...

  • Sir Gilbert
  • Greely
  • Graham
  • Liza
  • Cosmo
  • What are shamans..?
This post will be all about Peck :D I'll be stating some cool talents about her for you to enjoy :) Anyways let's begin! Peck is the newest Alpha chosen by Mira. She enjoys art most. She is extremely talented at art and has a personality that is very energetic. She gets bored very easily so you should keep her entertained well ;) She never sits still. Do you know how there are little bubbles popping up in a glass of Cocacola or Fanta? They remind me of her. She is outstandingly hyper.  She actually sounds a lot like me xD Anyways thats all for now! Oh! I almost forgot! Here are a few pictures of her:

Keep on Jammin'


  1. N- Next time you post, can you do a tribute to my Grandma?


    1. Ya! Sure! Can you give me her name? Possibly her age? You don't need to if you don't want to.

  2. ooo-ohh Peck is so pretty :D

  3. Haha!! Pek sounds a lot like me, to. I have ADHD. I love painting and doing art. And I have a little (okay.. a lot.) of temper :P


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