Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Scamming is around you!

Hey jammers! So this is a whole post about how to avoid being scammed! I noticed there are TONS of scammers around Jamaa. There are many different types of scammers. They can say it's my birthday send me gifts, or they could say I just want to try it on so accept this trade first. This is one thing a scammer might say to get one of your items:
And here are some things they will say if you find out it's a scam.
Sadly many Jammers have became scammers. The good news is that today on AJ, the HQ has put up a report button for scamming. Also you can try to email he AJHQ when you get scammed.  One of my friends told em they would give you back your scammed item but I'm not 100% sure.
There's a kind of scamming when people say, "It's my birthday! Send me gifts!" Now most of the times it's not actually their birthday. So be on the look out for those kind of scammers.
Another kind of scammer is when they scam by saying, "I decline all trades! Try me!" When you send a rare they don't decline. They accept. Make sure you don't fall for their trap!
Then their are scammers that pretend that they'll borrow something but actually they steel it and don't give it back. I got scammed by eevee30 just like this. She said let me try on your worn and I'll give it back. I traded a item so she can wear it and see, but she ran away. So NEVER do this. ( luckily I traded a new my clover blanket a long time ago for a worn) I'm sorry I don't have many pictures jammers! I couldn't find them scamming in the server I was in. If you have any pictures of scammers, take them, then email them to the site's email address: animaljamday@gmail.com
Keep on Jammin'

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  1. I actually got scammed of a Winter Window and teacup once when I was still pretty new to Jamaa. One girl said she had a bow, and wanted a yellow clover blanket for it , And her 'Friend' (I am guessing the same girl on another profile, they had similar usernames) said "If you give me the winter window and cup for my blanket, you can trade the blanket to her for the bow and arrow" So I did.. and... they both unfriended me and logged out! >.< I still can't believe I fell for that. :P So yeah.. BEWARE THE SCAM >:P


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