Saturday, September 15, 2012

#2 Have You Noticed and some MAJOR news!

Heya Jammers! So today I went into to the Hot Cocoa Hut with my friend to show her how big AJ made it! Now I'm going to show you!

Thanks Lillilou22! I think some of you who visited my blog might remember her from another post, the girl who got 300 tickets from Hit-a-phantom! here's a link if you want to see the post,

Also my MAJOR news, is that my old account, cutelittlewolf, was SHUT DOWN. But today when Lillilou and I were talking to each other she brought up my old account and that made me thinking.... I'll try to log into my old account! And guess what? It WORKED! So thanks Lillilou for bringing up my old account! ^.^

The reason why I made a new account of this is because the old one, cutelittlewolf, didn't have ANY free chat. I made this one 2 years ago so they didn't have that kind of chat when you first make your account. Turns out the email I sent the forgot my password is someone else's. So ya :T

That's all I have for now! Bye jammers!
Keep on Jammin'

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