Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I'm back :D

Heya Jammers I'm back! Gonna start postin again :P Anyways I'm terribly sorry for not posting before V.V Just super busy at home :T  Anyways here's the newspaper:
                       Omg! Happy Jamaalidays Jammers! I hope you have a terrific Jamaaliday break!
                              Now some of you from last year might remember this :D Cool right?
                                    Whoa!!! They brought back Pet Reindeers? Cool!
                                          Wow! Those wrist bands look super cool!
                                Stickers?!? Omg! That's soo cool! Are you thinking of buying some?
                                             Wow! Peck is really talented isn't she?
Also guess what? You know how I haven't been posting lately? Well I'm going to make it fun for all of us! If I don't post for at least four days you get to dare me to do something. It has to follow Bunny's rules and the dare isn't allowed for me to give away items. Pretty fun huh? So for example you can make me scream out in Jamaa, "MY DOG JUST ATE MY TOOTHBRUSH!" Or something random like that xD.
That's all I have for now Dx I'll post more later just have to work on some chores! Byee!!
Keep on Jammin'


  1. Lol Welcome Baaa-aaack! I totally missed AJD. And sorry I'm not on a lot. SUUUUPER duper busy :P


  2. Please check out my new blog:

    It is about my new clan!

  3. Been more than 4 dayyyyys... Y'know what that meeeeans ;D

    Okay I'm not gonna make you do anything silly, but I would like it if you could, in some way, honor those lost in the Sandy Hook school shooting.


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