Monday, January 16, 2012

It's Time To Give Aj HQ something Back!

Hey Jammers! I have been thinking about it lately and Aj HQ does a lot for us! First thing first, they made Animal Jam! They also make all the fun games and let us chat! They make new items for us to use! They let gloves come back for just a little while! And a whole lot more! Seriously, they did a lot to make Animal Jam fun! So why not give them something back? I think we should say howls and say on Animal Jam that we love Aj HQ! So always remember, Aj HQ Thank You!


  1. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU Cutelittlewolf 1!!!



  2. Thank you for being the first person to comment iloveAfrica!

  3. Hi natalie,
    It is lena, Sparkle1225
    Um.. I would like u to Interview me please,
    Sparkle 1225

  4. Ok! : ) I'll interview you as soon as I can!


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