Monday, August 20, 2012

Have you noticed?

Hey Jammers! I'll be making "Have you noticed?" posts about some things spot in Jamaa. In today's HYN (Have You Noticed) I found something at Mt. Shiveer. I already spotted it but I'm getting more and more curious about it each day! There's a dinosaur frozen in the ice! Maybe it could be a new room! Like a place with extinct creatures frozen on the ice walls. Kind of like Ice Age!  Wouldn't that be cool? Anyways here is the pic!

If it was actually going to be a room, how do you thoink it would look like? Create a picture of it, send it to the site's e-mail address ( and if it's approved (inappropriate content not allowed) then it might be featured on the next post! All entries are due by this Friday.
That's all I have for now Jammers!
Keep on Jammin'

Friday, August 17, 2012

Guess whaaat?

Heya jammers! Blossom is back! I know I said I wouldn't start until September but it's just I got my laptop last night so I can finally do blogging again! Now I really need your help! I've lost many views (as I thought what would happen) so I need you to help viewing my blog again! If reach back up to 50 views a day I'm going to be having AJD's first ever contest! Anyways let's start talking about the AJ news. First of all there is a new cursor in the settings bar! Then there is also the new pet! The turtle! YAY! Now your turtle can have a pet turtle! Then there is a party that's new to me... The Pets ONLY Party. Once again AJHQ has made another party for members only..... But it's ok because I bet there will be another party soon for nonmembers too! Also there is another den; The Enchanted Hollow! Plus guess what? With the gem donations we raised 90 million gems! We're almost there! just 10 million more! Don't worry jammers! We'll get the monkeys back soon! And don't forget there is a new carnival game; Balloon Darts!
Check out the awesome newspaper that just came out!

Sorry there's not too much in this post Jammers ! I didn't have enough time because I'm busy with my family and all.. I'll write more soon! Also I'll be making AJD clubs! Such as the gem donation club, nonmember rights, and more. I also will be joining the Jamaa Movement from snowyclaw's blog! See ya Jammers.
Keep on Jammin'


P.S: Did you go somewhere on vacation? I went to Vermont and Florida! Where did you go? Leave your answer in the comments!