Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween tomorrow!

YAY! Guess what people? Tomorrow is October 31st! W00T!! It's gonna be Halloween in just 24 hours! I know some of you might not be able to celebrate Halloween because of Sandy >:O But you can celebrate Halloween on AJ! Come to my den tomorrow at 10:00 am (Eastern Standard Time USA) or for you that know AJ from Africa it's 5:00 pm (Eastern Standard time Africa, Madagascar) Even though Sandy is annoying some of you in the USA you always can come on AJ to get your AJ spirit on :) Dress up in any costume for the Halloween party. I would love to see your ideas :D
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Monday, October 29, 2012

Rare Monday and Witch Mask!

Heya Jammers ^.^ Today is Monday! And you know what that means! RARE MONDAY TIME!

I'm happy they made it non member but I think they should start to come up with new items....
Anyways there's also a new item! The witch mask! Scary! If you wanna be a witch for Halloween your costume is ready and in stores now ;)
Well that's it for now Jammers!
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Membership AGAIN?!?!

Ya jammers -.- I got another stupid membership. I am a little disappointed that they don't give you an option if you would like to renew your membership or cancel. But I guess they just renew it automatically so they can earn money :T Jammers for you that want a membership and are willing to pay for, make sure you remember they date you got it! If you want to cancel it after the amount of time you bought for your membership then cancel it the day before they renew it >:O I wrote down what date they renewed it for me and then wrote down one month later. My membership will expire on November 25th. So keep track of how long you have it >.<
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Sunday, October 28, 2012

New Items!

Hiya Jammers I have a few new items! Here they are:
Sadly they're members only D: I'm a little upset that they haven't made any cool items for non members...
Anyways here's the item in the oceans:
And then guess what? Dens are on clearance >.<
If you really want them, but them now because there might not be a 100% chance that they'll come back.

That's all for now Jammers!
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Saturday, October 27, 2012


Heya Jammers a little bit ago I tried to go on AJ.. but the maintenance picture showed up! I wonder what AJHQ is working on... Hmm... Got any ideas or found out why they're offline? Write it in the comments below!

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(sorry so short >.< Kinda busy <:O)

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Heya Jammers! Today is the new update!! Yay! Here's the newspaper:

Cool right? Wait a second.... Look at page 3!

Say whaaaaaa? Did you read that Jammers? There's an animal that will be for EVERYONE! Hmm... If only we knew what animal it would be.....

It's a turtle Jammers! W00t!!!!! So make sure you save up your gems, cause turtles are coming!
Then also guess what? AJHQ changed ALL of the loading screens! Isn't that so cool? They have shamans now! I think it's really amazing! :D

How do you like the shaman loading screens? Anyways speaking about shamans now on the Daily Explorer you can learn so much about shamans! Click here to go to the post about a shaman named... Liza! Pretty cool huh? Anyways here are the new items:

Fangs? Uh oh! Don't bite me D:
Anyways there's a whole new game! It's called Splash and Dash! Sadly it's only for members :( It's exactly like Jamaa Derby but with dolphins! Hopefully they will let non members play too just like Jamaa Derby. Anyways here's how it looks like in the game:
(click to enlarge)
Pretty similar right?
Anyways that's all for now Jammers!
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Monday, October 22, 2012

Rare Monday & Artic Wolf!

Heya Jammers! It's MONDAYYYYYYYY! Time for Rare Monday! Here's what they have today:
 Pretty cool huh? Anyways I spotted many Artic Wolves! Here they are:

Well that's about it Jammers :D Sorry this post was kinda short I am SUPER busy at home >.<
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Friday, October 19, 2012

Sorry D:

Sorry Jammers that I haven't been posting up your blogs on "Other Cool Blogs." It's just I keep forgetting     >.< I'll try to post them all up today ok?
Thanks Jammers!
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New Music Video!

Heya Jammers I'm gonna make a new Music Video! This one is a Halloween Special! Can you guess what song I'll be doing it to? Calling All The Monsters! ^.^ This is a heads up jammers! Got any special requests with new songs? I can do a music video to that song you want if you email me and I approve it! See ya l8z Jammers!
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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Hey jammers here's a new item that just came out:
It's kind of similar to the underwater one right?
That's all for now Jammers!
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Sorry such a short post I'm in a rush to go to Girl Scouts D:

Sunday, October 14, 2012

So sorry and new update!

Sorry jammers I haven't posted in a while >.< I am just super busy with my homeschooling, playing with friends, and more that I keep forgetting about the new posts! I'm having some MAJOR testing in homeschooling so it's kind of hard >.< I promise when I'm done with the testing I will post more often like before. Anyways here's the new update:

Pretty cool huh?
Not to be rude or anything but I am a little disappointed that AJHQ coppied the EXACT same things from last year. But I understand that it's hard to think of new ideas every two weeks, especially for Halloween. Anyways you know the prizes they give out? Guess what? I interviewed some Jammers about the prizes they won, and most said that they got Mech Angel Wings. I won and I got some mech angel wings too -.- Another person said they got STAR GLASSES. I'm guessing that you have to try a lot of times before you get something rare. Kind of like the claw game at the trading party, usually you get these ok items, but if you try and try and try you can win a glove!! I won my blue glove like that, but I gave it away as a birthday gift to one of my really good friends. Just try not to get your hopes up on the game >.<
Here are the new items in Jamaa:

Cool right?
Anyways there's a new party called the Haunted Forest party! I've been to it but didn't take any pictures >.<
I'll take the pictures next time I go. Anyways that's all for now Jammers! I'll post more soon!
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Friday, October 5, 2012

New Chapter!

Hi Jammers! Guess what? I finished Chapter 7 of Blossom's Adventure! If you don't know about Blossom's Adventure click here to find out! Start reading from Chapter #1, you don't want to read the newest chapter or else it would be a spoiler ;)
Hope you enjoy it!
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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Heya Jammers! Time to hurry up because this is the last day of news crew! You have about an hour left! So hurry hurry! Come on Jammers! LET'S GO NEWS CREW!
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Monday, October 1, 2012

New Gift!

Hey jammers, a new gift has came out for the members! A spider! Here are some pics:

Cool right?
Anyways here's mine:

I made it Halloween-ish! I think there should at least be ONE pet for nonmembers. That's all of now Jammers! Sorry the post was so short >.<
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I am a member.. for another month -.-

Yesh... I'm a member for another month.. Apparently AJ renews your membership automaticall  This got me kind of  ticked off because now I have to pay for it AGAIN. I'm not sure if the money is worth being a member because being a non member really is fun. It's terrific. I've been a non-member for 2 years. Trust me I know whether it's good or not. I'll probably be getting a member for Christmas, or my Birth Day.  So Jammers, if you're a nonmember, and you think being a member is way better, listen to this: It's not. I'm not saying that I hate membership or anything, but I just think being a member is not the best thing that can happen on AJ. So see ya l8z ;)
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