Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Items & more!

Heya Jammers sorry I'm late with the new items I was really busy with my homeschooling >.< Ok so here all the new items I know of in Jamaa:

Here is the Zios Mask:

At first I thought it was super beta, it was on a trade list, but then I realized you can just buy it.... I kind of feel bad for this one girl because she traded her legendary glove and a glove for one because someone told her it was one of the rarest things on AJ :T BTW this picture is all credit to

Guess what? The Summer Carnival is GONE! I just logged in to go to the carnival but no, I can't anymore D: Also todays the new update! W00t! Sadly my membership expires soon D:
Also the new mushroom den came out! Yayz! I'm going to try to save up to buy one and when I do I'll let me den unlocked so you can see how a mushroom den looks like!

Then there's a JAM-A-GRAM art contest! Make an awesome but scary Jam a Gram for Halloween! W00t! But remmeber Jammers! You don't have to do it to win! It can be fun! At least you can try!

Now some of you who have been here last year, might remember Halloween in Jamma! Well it's here again and it's all dark and Halloweenish! Here's the Newspaper Jammers:

Isn't that so cool how you can get a prize? I think it is :D
That's all for now Jammers!
Keep on Jammin

P.S: What are you being for Halloween? Leave a comment in the comment box below!

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Hi Jammers! Guess what? I reached 3,000 views! W00T! Thank you for visiting my blog everyday ^.^ it means a lot! I'll have a party but I'm not sure when. Maybe sometimes in October ^.^ I have to go jammers, thanks again!
Keep on Jammin'

Friday, September 21, 2012

Glitch and More!

Heya Jammers! I had this insane glitch today >.< I was buying something for my den then this happened:
      Weird, right? Have you ever had this glitch? E-mail AJD or comment in the box below!
Then I also made this map, I MIGHT have posted it in another post but I'm not sure... ._.
(click to enlarge) It's a game map of Jamaa! Tell me if you like it!
Then AJHQ added new T-Shirts. Remember how all of those old T-Shirts were out of stock? Well here are the replacements:
I kid of like the old ones more :T. They just reminded me of the old Animal Jam, not the all modern one. Luckily they still have the panda one left so I'm going to save up my money to buy it. That's all for now Jammers!
Keep on Jammin'

Monday, September 17, 2012

Items & More!

Hi jammers! I'm sorry I forgot to post about these new items >.< But here they are:
 These items are in Jam Mart Clothing.
 This firefly necklace is in Epic Wonders.
And this scuba thing is from Kani Cove.
Then a couple of days ago I went to this den, it was AMAZING! It was like a snow den! And guess what? It was for NONMEMBERS! Check out these awesome pics I got of the snow den!

Quickly go to iice's den now so you can check out the awesome snow den!

Cool right? BTW I'll be going to a jammer's den every week and I might make a post of how awesome it is!
Oh ya and remember how I said I would do those contests and all? I'll be making a contest this week for the next post! (I'm sorry if the prizes might not be so good, that's all I have!)
Ok and this Rare Monday's rare is.... 
Then anyways some of you might remember Blossom's Adventure, or Anyways I decided I'll start posting on Blossom's Adventure again :D
That's all for this post Jammers! See ya!
Keep on Jammin'

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Music Video!

Hi jammers this is my FIRST ever Animal Jam Music Video! Hope you enjoy it :D Sadly my internet was too slow to upload it on the blog but you can go to the link: or click here. Hope you enjoy it :D
Keep on jammin'

Saturday, September 15, 2012

#2 Have You Noticed and some MAJOR news!

Heya Jammers! So today I went into to the Hot Cocoa Hut with my friend to show her how big AJ made it! Now I'm going to show you!

Thanks Lillilou22! I think some of you who visited my blog might remember her from another post, the girl who got 300 tickets from Hit-a-phantom! here's a link if you want to see the post,

Also my MAJOR news, is that my old account, cutelittlewolf, was SHUT DOWN. But today when Lillilou and I were talking to each other she brought up my old account and that made me thinking.... I'll try to log into my old account! And guess what? It WORKED! So thanks Lillilou for bringing up my old account! ^.^

The reason why I made a new account of this is because the old one, cutelittlewolf, didn't have ANY free chat. I made this one 2 years ago so they didn't have that kind of chat when you first make your account. Turns out the email I sent the forgot my password is someone else's. So ya :T

That's all I have for now! Bye jammers!
Keep on Jammin'

Friday, September 14, 2012

New Update!

Heya Jammers! Well guess what? The new update is finally here! Also guess what? It's AJ 2nd birthday! W00t! I can't believe I've been playing Animal Jam for two whole years now! Also if you type in the code BIRTHDAYBASH when you log in, you get a ginormous birthday cake! Here are all the picks I got so far:

Well it is a little disappointing for me that they haven't released the new den yet. But I do understand that it takes a long time to make a drawing into a whole entire den. Anyways I also think they should at least have ONE other den for non members. Non members have NEVER ever had another den to change to. But I have to say the den from beta was way cooler then the dens non members have today!
Anyways here is the Birthday Party for AJ!

 This was the shop at the party:

 It's basically just the statue's from the Chamber of Knowledge but bronze.

I really liked how they did that little touch that when you walk around the cake it looks like your burried in it. Then when I left the party I got this:

I must find out what did they do for the short update! 
Well that is all I have for now Jammers! See ya!
Keep on Jammin'

P.S: I'm almost done with the music video!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Parties through September-November!

Hi Jammers! I have some parties I'll be hosting through September-November!

September 22nd: It's the first day of fall! Come visit my den for some fall fun! Come at 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time U.S.A. (6:00 Eastern Standard Time Africa (Madagascar)
Dress code: Have you ever seen the colored leaves during fall? Dress up with fall colors!

October 28th: W00t! Halloween is in only 3 days everybody! Come to my den to have a Halloween blast! There will be games, contests, and so much more! Come at 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time U.S.A. (6:00 Eastern Standard Time Africa (Madagascar)
Dress code: What are you going to be for Halloween? Dress up as anything you would like for trick or treating!

November 16th: Happy Birthday Biba (my friend in real life)! Your Birthday is tomorrow! Let me hear you say w00t! Come to my den for Biba's Birthday Bash! Come at 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time U.S.A. (6:00 Eastern Standard Time Africa (Madagascar)
Dress code: Be nice enough for a Birthday Party (:

November 24th: Hey it's a 2nd Thanksgiving! We'll play some games and talk about what you did for your Thanksgiving!  Come at 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time U.S.A. (6:00 Eastern Standard Time Africa (Madagascar)
Dress code: Try to dress like a Pilgrim or a Native American! It will be fun to see how others look like!

So there are 4 parties coming up! Remember when they are!
So keep on Jammin'

Monday, September 3, 2012

Just a glitch!

Not to worry jammers! It was just a glitch :D I can still play AJ!
Keep on Jammin'


Hi Jammers! I just tried to log in my account after maintenance was finished but guess what? After I typed in my password and pressed enter it took me right back to the home page. Nothing happened. I tried my old account (cutelittlewolf) and it still didn't work. I even tried making a new account but it took me back to the home page again! i'm not sure if this is just an animal jam glitch or if it's my computer. Please comment if the same thing happened to you! If it's my laptop that is the problem I'll have to probably wait about 2 weeks before I can play again! Let's hope it's just a glitch!
Keep on Jammin'

My Music Video-Almost Done!

Heya guys! I'm almost done with my music video! I am 3/4s done! Sadly I cannot get the pictures right now because AJ is on maintenance! I decided that the song will be Good Time by Carly Rae Jepeson and Owl City! I'll be probably finished by Wednesday!
Keep on Jammin'

P.S: I'll be making a new AJD banner! I hope you guys will like it! I'll try to finish the banner by the end of the week!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

New Update!

Heya Jammers! There's a ton of cool things this update! Here's the newspaper:

Did you know that with the monkeys, you can get more then just 1? Go to your pets, then click on an empty pet space. There you can buy a monkey :D
Wait.. Have I told you yet that I became a member? I only get one month but it's totally worth it! I've been wanting a membership over a year and a half now, and I finally got it :D My Dad and Mom were really happy I gave many of my toys to donation so they rewarded me with the membership! So a special thanks to my mom and dad! 
I'm also making an Animal Jam music video! I'll post it sometime before early October. 
That's all for right now Jammers!
Keep on Jammin'