Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wow! Check out this new update!

Hey jammers! If you were on AJ recently then you might have noticed the newest update! There are some really cool things!Check out all these cool pics!!

The entrance of the party was even cool! It kind of reminds me of last Halloween and beta mixed together. Honestly I don't know why it reminds me of this.
In the party, they have this awesome claw that you can win bunny plushies!
Then there is a bunny shop! Sadly we can't go in the shop like how we can do in Jam Mart Clothing.
 There is a bunny drum, a bunny rug, and a patch of carrots for your own garden!
Also there's this really fun slide I like to go on! It's one of my favorite places in the bunny party!
As in most parties, you can get a little treat for your animal. At this party you can get a carrot!

You know how the pet bunnies are on an limited time only? Well I'm guessing that they might not be able in Jamaa, but they will be available at the bunny party. 
Then some of the bunnies on display near the pet bunny machine are really huge! They're almost as big as my actual bunny! Can you guess who is the real Blossom Berrygem (you probably would find out super quickly after you looked at the picture...)? 
In the party there is some fun music you can buy!
 When I get a membership I"m getting this as one of my den's music.
 It was so much fun at the party! There is one area where you can bounce on this GIGANTIC drum and it lights up! You see how we're all hopping and the drum is lit up kind of pinkish? Well before it was purple. So when three people or more bounce on it it lights up!
 Now I know I say this a lot with every new party, but this one, by far is the best!
 Also giraffes just came out and as usual.. You might have guessed it is for members only. I found out this little thing one of my friends had... So for example if you have a spiked collar and you put it on your giraffe's neck, then it doesn't just show up as one collar, it shows up as three! This can happen with different kinds of neck items too.
Look how your giraffe first looks like:

 Also many people don't really pay attention to these kind of things but in the Art Studio in Coral Canyons there was a clay figure of a giraffe for a pretty long time now. Check it out!
I think it's pretty cute! I guess AJHQ planned on having a giraffe this whole time.. Also speaking about Coral Canyons they have a whole new Journey Book for it! The prize is a cactus chair! 
Pretty cool huh? Also congrats to Awesome Speedywolf for winning the ocean den item contest! Awesome had an awesome idea! Awesome made up something very unique, a Seahorse Rocking Chair! Don't feel bad if you didn't win this contest, just give a pat on your back for having the courage to try! I'm sure everyone did a fantastic job on their work! But don't worry, you might be able to win in the next drawing contest!
Now I guess AJ is having a huge summer sale and a clearance from all of the ice sculptors. First off let's start with the "sale." Now a clearance is when the price goes down and it means that it will be taken away from the store. In AJ we never had any sales. But now I guess there are some! ALL of the dens items are on sale of 50% off! Pretty cool right? There is one den that is on clearance, the Snow Fort den. 

Kind of awesome right? Now they are much easier to afford! Now these are the following items that are on clearance:

A lot of things huh? Also in the Animal Museum in Appondale, there are a lot of new things there! So apparently, in the Jamaa news paper, you can donate gems to help real life animals! Pretty cool huh? Check out these cool pics!

 Then near the monkey area there are two curtains... I"m not sure what they're for yet... But I'm hoping by the next update they will open the curtains!
Also there is a table, if you click on it you can print out some pawesome information!When you print it out, you can actually color it with colored pencils! It was so much fun coloring mine!

Well Jammers, I guess that's really all we have for right now :)
Keep on Jammin'

P.S: Sorry I didn't post earlier. I have limited internet and we ran out of it! So I couldn't go on last month. Every month my family gets more though (: 
P.P.S: I'll be making some changes to Animal Jam Day (AJD). Such as putting up a banner and you know redecorating the whole blog. I'll also be making a AJD email adress! Now I'm also going to put comment approval. Thanks for everything!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Newest Update!

Hey jammers! This new update has some awesome cool things! A new animal soon coming to Jamaa, a new party, a new item contest, a new game, and so much more!  First off I would like to talk about the new game, Jamaa Derby. Now many of you have probably noticed that most of the new games are only for members, well the best thing about this game is is that it's for nonmembers too!! YIPPEE! I have to admit I think it's one of the  best games AJ has ever made! It's a horse game, in this game you are a horse and you race to the finish line. Whoever is first wins a jackpot of 100 gems! You have to jump over the obstacles to win, but if you by accident go through them then it slows down your horse! So be careful! After you win about 20 rounds (this is just what I'm guessing I'm not really sure) you can play the pro version of Jamaa Derby! The pro version is with harder people, more obstacles, and greater prize proportions. Check out some of these really awesome pictures I took!

Here is the starting area. If you noticed there is a golden horse shoe under one horse. That shows which horse you are. If you are a nonmember or if you are a member with no horse, then you cannot choose your horses colors. The neat thing about being a member in this game is that before you play it, and if you have a horse you can choose how you would like to look like! You see, like these horses: 

I love this game so much because it gets you a lot of gems super quick, it tells you about some really cool facts, and it gives us nonmembers the feeling of how it would be to be a member animal! I got 10,000 gems in just a couple of days from this game. Also when someone told me that nonmembers could play it too, boy was I happy! The facts are also I love to play this game! Did you know that horses can rotate their ears 180 degrees? That is half of rotating them all the way! You can find these fun facts at the end of the race when they show the places. Take a look:

Pretty cool huh? Well I cannot write about the pro right now because it would take too long. I'll talk about it on my next post though! 

Anyways I'll be moving on, there's this awesome new party, the Cruise Ship Party! This party really does remind me of being on vacation! There are some really cool things that you can do at this party. Such as slide down the water slide, see some awesome dolphins in the water, get your own smoothie machine for your den, by some new den items only available on the ship, get a cool drink to cool you down from the smoothie machine, and the most important thing to do is sit back and relax! Check out some pictures I took when I was having so much fun at the party (there's a new glitch at this party and I'll show you how to do it in another post!) !

Also I'm very surprised the pet bunnies were not gone yet.. I thought they would be by now.. anyways get yours today before  you cannot get it anymore! It would be pretty funny if a bunny had it's own pet bunny! 

Some of you might have witnessed loosing some of your rares from the big update! Some friends of mine have lost their rares! If you lost a rare and you don't have any more of that special item that you desire, then tell me about it in a comment! I'll put up a lost post for people who lost their rares during that update! 

There are some really cool items that just came out. Like the 2nd nonmember item in Epic wonders (a copper brick) and a really cool necklace, the moon necklace! 

Well jammers that is really all I have for now. Oh ya one more thing, I just finished Blossom's Adventure's 6th chapter, Escaping Under Moonlight. So be sure to check it out at

Keep on Jammin'

(P.S.: Sorry I didn't have a lot of pictures! On my computer it takes a long time to crop and upload them! Please try to understand!)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Hey jammers! Today I'm gonna take a break from blogging! I'm doing this because... it's Mother's Day! I'm gonna be spending the day with my mom and my family!  I will only post a couple things on this blog though. Just like the newest update and all of that.
Keep on Jammin'

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I'm working on a banner!

Heya jammers! I'm working on a new banner! Got any ideas on what to put on it? I would love to hear your thoughts, just comment them! This is a picture I want to use:

I have to go now!
Keep on Jammin'

Monday, May 7, 2012

I reached 1,000 views!

Hey jammers!! I got some major news.................................... I REACHED 1,000 VIEWS!!! Thank you guys so much! I thought this blog would be a total failure but you guys proved me wrong! I promised to have a party and I'll have it this upcomming Saturday!

Time: 11:30 Eastern Standard time (USA)  6 : 30 Eastern Standard time (Africa / Madagascar)
Date: 12th of May
Dress Code: Party Animals

See ya!


Hey guys I'm super sorry!! I was filled with plans! Like playdates, baseball, homework, working on Mother's Day gifts. Anyways I don't think I'll have enough time to do this update but I'll do the next one!
Keep on Jammin'

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sorry haven't wrote yet!

Hey guys, just a quick thing I gotta say, sorry I haven't wrote about the new update! It is just school, girl scouts, birthdays, and so much more! I'm writing the new post so stay tuned! Plus I'm writing chapter #5 of Blossom's Adventure! Promise I'll get the new post done by this Sunday!!
Keep On Jammin'