Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thanks so much!

Hey jammers, I realized I almost have 1,000 views! Thanks so much for making this blog a success! I would also like to thank bellanatalie102, biba123, iloveAfrica, snowflakesupersun, wyn1, and sparkle1225 for being such friendly jammers! Thanks again!
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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dolphin Glitch!

Hey jammers today I was in Jamaa when I noticed something... There was a dolphin on land! Sadly the dolphin left before I asked her how she could do that but I got a pic!

Then I had to reload the page because it was taking to long to get to my den. When I appeared in Jamaa again there was a different dolphin on land!

I don't know if this glitch was a mistake or what but I think they knew how to get the dolphins on land.... If you know please tell me in a comment and I'll write a post rout it and give you credit! Thanks!
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New items and More!

Heya jammers! I noticed that there is a hat collection, one that is shaped like a bunny, one like a monkey, and one like a panda!  You might have already noticed this but I actually just found out about it! Check out the hats that has already came out!

Also now with the tab of Animal Jam, they added a new thing to it. It says Play Now.

If you were on Animal Jam almost a year ago AJ was selling a train set. It went on clearance and was taken away from Jam Mart Furniture. Ever since it was considered rare, but now you can buy it today! 
I guess the AJHQ has decided to bring in a lot of more items 'cause a ton of things are on clearance....

Now bunnies are available as pets! But buy 'em quick 'cause it's a limited time only!
Guess what? Epic Wonders just had it's first non member item! YAYZ! It's a silver block!! Also I noticed that there were some gold blocks piled on the floor.... I've never seen this before! I usually NEVER go in Epic Wonders so this was new for me.

Now Epic Wonders has returned the red sports car!

Plus now your pet duck can dash in the new pet game, Ducky Dash!

There's also a new party! AJ's very first ocean party! YAY (again)! I haven't gotten the time to go to one yet but when I can I'll post about it and show some pics and to finish off with I would like to say that one of your designs might get picked! Well that's all I have for now,
Keep on Jammin'!

(P.S.: I finished Chapter #4 of Blossom's Adventure. Here's the link to it:

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Working on the new post!!

Hey jammers! Sorry I haven't posted for the new update, it's just so hard to take the pictures and crop them on Windows.... Anyways I'm here to let you know I'm almost done with the new post! Also I'll be posting Chapter #4 of Blossom's Adventure here's the link :
See ya and happy Jammin'

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'm gonna make a Animal Jam story!

Hey jammers! I was thinking about it, and I would like to make a short story on Animal Jam. It's gonna be about a little girl bunny named Blossom! Each post will be one chapter! Check everyday cause you'll want to see what exciting things will happen! Here's the link :
I wrote one chapter so far! So check it out!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Three-Days-Late Easter!

Hey jammers! Happy three-days-late Easter! Sorry I didn't post on Easter, just that soo many things going on! How was your Easter? What did you do for it? Just here to say HAPPY (three days late) EASTER! Well Happy Easter again. See ya!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Black Box on Loading Screen?

Hey jammers! Well today when I was logging in my screen had a glitch on it..... There was a black right smack on top of my loading screen! Check it out!
AWKWARD! Anyways see ya Jammers!
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Weird Party Glitch!

Hey Jammers, this morning when I was playing Animal Jam I noticed that the Trading Party was starting. When I clicked on the "Go" button it said this message:
Weird...  It said it starts in 0 minutes!
This has happened to a friend of mine before.. 
Have you witnessed this strange glitch?
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Sunday, April 1, 2012

New things happening in Jamaa!

Hey jammers! What a wonderful day! If you got on Animal Jam recently you might have noticed a few new things! Here are some:
When you first log in, before the regular loading picture, this sign will pop up!
Plus remember how AJ HQ said they were having the octopus comming? Well now you can buy one!
And when I was going to Jamaa today, this glitch popped up! I couldn't see anything but this black screen with the loading sign!

This is also ANOTHER glitch that happened to me! When I was going to put on anothr glove, it said my name ways Precious Happyflower, not Enchanted Cottonpaw! Then when I excited it my name tag appeared as my regular name!
Kinda weird huh?
Now HQ came up with a "brilliant" idea. Horse ONLY party! This is what I hate! If the horses were for nonmembers I wouldn't be this mad, but since horses are ONLY for members they can get their OWN party! 
Now members can have their own games too! The petwash is one and now they get a game for their pets.

And also now they got a new search for the journey book for Seperia Forest!
Check out the AWESOME new prize! I think it's the best prize in the journey book!
Just like last year, AJ HQ had a Easter egg hunt! I don't want to give anything away so you can enjoy the hunt, but I'll give you a clue. None of the eggs are in the oceans.
I wonder if they'll do the same thing next year.
And check out the new banner!
There's a new party too, April Fools Day! In this party everything is upside down! Not only that it is not right side up but that it is all mixed up! The arcade games will show the picture on the outside but if you click them it's a completely different game! This is also happens with the food! Crazy!
There's also new clothing!

I guess that's it but all for... well jammers I have to say something. This is my last post....

Keep on jammin'