Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I got a signature!

Hey jammers! I FINALLY found out how to make a signature! Here it is!
How do you like it? Well that's all I have to post for now!
Keep Jammin! 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Water slide glitch!

Hey jammers! Today I was in Crystal Sands and I noticed something, there was a shark on the water slide! It must have been two glitches combined. One sharks can't go on land and two you can't stay on a waterslide, you just slide right down. Here check out this picture I took of it:
Awesome right? Well that's all I have for now!
Keep Jammin

New room coming to Zios?

I was just hopping around Lost Temple of Zios today and I noticed something... there were big doors with wooden planks nailed onto them...
The doors look kinda big, maybe the room will be big.

I wonder what this room will be for?
What do you think?
Post a comment saying what you think this room will be for!
Keep Jammin!

Rare Mondays Item: "Rare Tie"

Hey jammers! Today's Rare Monday item is..... drum roll please!......
A rare tie! It's pretty awesome right? 
Too bad only for members though. 
That's all for now! 
Keep Jammin!

New post: Scamming is always around you!

Hey guys, I decided I should do a post about how to avoid scamming. It'll show you how to stay away from scamming so you don't fall into the trap. So I'll be working on this post for the next few days. Just to let you know :)
Keep Jammin!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

500 views already?

Hey jammers!IT's a wonderful Saturday 'cause I noticed something, I reached 500 views on my Animal Jam blog! Yippee! As I promised I would have a party when I got to 500 views, and I will! Next Saturday you are ALL invited to come to my party! Now when I get 1,000 views I'll do another party! The party information is below :

Room: Cutelittlewolf1's den
Time: 8:30 Eastern Standard Time ( USA) / 3:30 Eastern Standard Time (Africa/Madagascar)
Date: March 31st

EVERYONE is invited! Even you! See ya there! ;)
Keep on jammin!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Monkeys are going to be taken away from Jamaa!

Hi jammers........ I have some very horrible news, monkeys are going to be taken away from AJ HQ! It's sad, but we can stop this! I decided we can go on strike! Save these monkeys! If you would like to help just follow these simple steps:

  • Become a monkey
  • Change into the monkey
  • Say, "WE MATTER!!" (say this is Jamaa so many jammers can join in striking)
  • Try to tell people to chant with you
  • At the question marks ( the ones that float around at places asking what else would you like) write that you want the monkeys to stay!
  • Send a howl saying that you want the monkeys to stay
Do these simple steps every single day! You never know, AJ HQ might change their minds!
Keep on jammin!

P.S.: I wrote a triolet poem about monkeys, enjoy!

I wish I were a monkey
Swinging from vine to vine
Eating a banana
I wish I were a monkey
Playing with other chimps
Feeling the gentle breeze as I rush along the jungle floor
I wish I were a monkey
Swinging from vine to vine

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chat Glitch!

Hey guys! So one day I was talking with my friend and then I used the scroll chat and EVERYTHING popped up! Check it out!

Have you witnessed this glitch? Well that's all I have for right now jammers! Cya L8r!

I'm back!

Hey jammers! I decided that I should still post. Even though my left arm hurts I can still type with my right! So yes I'll be posting! Cya L8r!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hey! I cannot post for right now!!!

Hey guys! Sorry but I cannot post for a while cause I got a a green stick or like a bad sprain near my wrist. I will not be able to post for a while.....  I will still be playing AJ but not posing for right now! It's super hard to type! Keep on jammin!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hey Jammers!!! Super sorry I haven't been posting lately! I promise I'll be posting more often!! It's just I'm so busy! Like having lunches with friends, school, and after school activities! I also need to keep up with my other blog Sweet Tooth. Well that's all for now!