Thursday, January 19, 2012

Coming Soon!

Hi Jammers! I'm still getting info about the new things in Aj! Please stayed tuned!

Having Different Colors Means A Lot.

Hi everybody! One of my friends were really kind and they bought me a different colored necklace!! Here look at the pic.  Different colored items sorta means a lot to me. Since non - members can't get them it's super hard to trade with another non- member. So I would like to thank the friend who did this for me! Thank You iloveAfrica!

Monday, January 16, 2012


Hi everyone! When i get up to 250 views on this website I'm gonna host a party! The party will be at my den. We are gonna play truth or dare and we will also do a scavenger hunt! Thanks for visiting my blog!


Hi everyone! When I had my old website, I did interviews! Every week I'll be interviewing a new person! It doesn't matter if you are new to Aj or old to Aj. It doesn't matter which animal you are! I'll be asking certain questions and you will be answering them with your own opinion! For example I might be asking what is your favorite animal. You might say a wolf a bunny or whatever! Just post a comment saying if you would like to or not! I'll try my best to interview you! I'll be asking the questions on Aj! Add me and when we are both on you will come to my den and I'll ask you the questions!

It's Time To Give Aj HQ something Back!

Hey Jammers! I have been thinking about it lately and Aj HQ does a lot for us! First thing first, they made Animal Jam! They also make all the fun games and let us chat! They make new items for us to use! They let gloves come back for just a little while! And a whole lot more! Seriously, they did a lot to make Animal Jam fun! So why not give them something back? I think we should say howls and say on Animal Jam that we love Aj HQ! So always remember, Aj HQ Thank You!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Welcome to Animal Jam Day!

Welcome to Animal Jam Day! A place for Animal Jam lovers! Here I'll tell you about Animal Jam news, glitches, and everything that is happening in Jammaa! My username is cutelittlewolf1. If you have any questions just ask me! Thanks!