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Heya Jammers! Are you a new user to Animal Jam? Do you need help understanding things? Well if you are then you clicked on the right page! Animal Jam is a really fun website! Anyone can play this terrific game but you have to follow the rules! Here are all the rules on Animal Jam:
  1. Play nice! There's no need to bully!
  2. Use kind words! Animal Jam's policy is if you use inappropriate words they might ban or suspend your account on Animal Jam.
  3. Do not engage in unsafe or inappropriate gameplay! Another Animal Jam policy is that there should be no activities on Animal Jam with inappropriate relationships or behavior!
  4. Do not ask or give personal information to others! Don't share your phone number, full name, home address, school name, email address, and password or username to another website and Animal Jam.
  5. Cheaters never prosper! This means no scamming, being honest in a trade, hacking, and other things. When someone does this to another player it could destroy the fun..
  6. Report and log off! If someone upsets you, bullies you, or makes fun of you (this is also related to bullying) just report and log off! If you're in a different server they won't find you and hurt your feelings! Report the person who was mean to you before you log off. Animal Jam will send a moderator to see if the person you blocked still bullies you or other jammers. If he or she does then they will suspend the player or send an email to the jammer's parents. It's OK to protect yourself from bullies! Also remember not to get sad about what this bully did to you! You know the two simple rules when it comes to online bullying on Animal Jam; report and log off!
  7. Have fun (I made this rule)! Animal Jam is a fun website! So enjoy it!
If you follow these seven easy rules you'll be a great jammer!
If you need help from the Animal Jam Headquarters just go to and on the side there will be a little box with "Help" written on it. Click it then a box will appear. It will say "What is your question?". Underneath of this there will be a typing box. Type in your question and click next. Some related choices will come up of what you need help with.Click on the choice that best fits your question and it'll take you to another tab. It'll show you all about that choice!
Getting Started
When you first start playing Animal Jam you'll be given 1,000 gems at first. Gems are coins used in the game as money. With gems you can buy items such as clothing for your animal, den items, donate the gems, buy other animals, and more. You can earn gems by playing games. When you see an icon with a game controller that is a game. Click on it and you can press play and start playing the game! Right next to the play button there is a instructions button. Click it and learn how to play the game. If you play the game correctly the more gems you can earn. To get to other places there is a globe on the right corner of the screen. Find a destination you want to go to, click on it, and i'll take you there! Sometimes the lands have too many people in them you can't go there until some people leave so you can get in.

I can't tell you everything because then if I did it would be missing the whole point of Animal Jam! Explore and play wild! So that's really all I have for now Jammers! Thanks for checking out this cool post!

Keep on Jammin'

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  1. Cool blog. I'm not new, actually I've been playing for over 3 years.
    So I just happened to 'stumble' upon your blog, and I thought it was pretty neat.
    I am not the 'animal jam expert' but I know animal jam pretty well, and all the stuff on this is very accurate.
    By the way, a funny trick to find out a scammer (this has worked twice for me) is to pretend you're a scammer, go and 'scam' (not really)
    And when you get back show them a rare on your trade, say you got it.
    Then you tell them bad news that you aren't a scammer and block and report. Don't do this for anything else though.


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