Saturday, December 22, 2012

No more posting!

Hi Jammers! I won't be able to post for the rest of the month because it uses up too much internet. For those of you who don't know, I have limited internet each month. I'll be also going on a road trip and I won't receive any internet connection. I'll be back on January 2nd and posting on January 4th. I'm sorry Jammers! I just need some time for myself too. Thanks if you understand!
Keep on Jammin!

P.S.: I won't be replying to comments, replying to emails, or be playing on Animal Jam! But if I do find internet I'll write a post about how my vacation is so far!

P.P.S: Guess where I'm going for my vacation? Diego, Madagascar! For those who don't know, I live in Madagascar O.O Are you traveling anywhere for vacation? If so write in the comment box where! If not write what you'll be doing for vacation!

P.P.P.S: (lots of P.Ss I know.) Happy Holidays everyone! Hope you have a terrific New Year too! 2013 here we come!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

New Update!

Heya Jammers! The new update is today! Here is the newspaper:

Pretty cool right? Anyways for the past few days I've been wondering.. Remember how in that post on AJHQ's blog they had a picture with that notebook thingy? Then snowyclaw (a terrific blogger) e-mailed them asking what it was. It was a task notebook! They said they were working on it and would release it sometime. But only question for me is, when? It's been a pretty long time since they showed the picture. So AJHQ do ya mind releasing it soon for Jammers? Anyways moving on. Here is the new clothing item:
And here's the new den item:
Now look back at the newspaper pictures. Look at page 3. You see that weird circle in the middle? WELL IT'S TIERNY'S OCEAN WATCH! It's pretty cool! Check these pics:

I really liked it! I loved seeing the little fish dash across the screen. It was beautiful.
BTW guess what? I got 3 new glitches that happened to me! This is the first one:
(click to enlarge) So what happened this day was that I was in my friend's den. She was switching it a lot and then her tree house den and her small house den were combined! Then there were two of me and my friend O.O For the next glitch I didn't get any pictures because my power went out but anyways so my friend Lilliou22, appeared as my friend on her profile. But on my buddy list I couldn't find her name! It was just kinda spooky. And my last glitch happened today when I was purchasing the new reindeer horns. I bought several and then when I wanted to put one on.. They all appeared as if they were on me at the same time. It might be a little confusing to describe but you know when you are wearing an item and the box color is orange? Well they all were. Check out the pick:
That's all I got for now Jammers! I'll be posting more when I can!
Keep on Jammin'

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Jammers. I just noticed something.. DRUM ROLL PLEASE!......... I GOT 4,500 VIEWS! OMG OMG! Thank you guys sooo much! I would have never succeeded without you! You guys are truly amazing. For those who all have visited my blog... I'M CELEBRATING BY A PARTAYYY! I'm not sure when because Christmas is right around the corner but I'll definitely be having a party soon :) THANKS SO MUCH YOU GUYS!  YOU'RE THE BEST EVERRRRRRRR!
Keep on Jammin!

Monday, December 17, 2012

AJ on Maintenance?

GUYS GUESS WHAT! AJ is on Maintenance! There might be a new update (crosses fingers)!

That's all for now!
Keep on Jammin!

Poll Post!

Heya Jammers! I'm going to start this new thing called "Poll Post". It will show which answer got the most votes. Whichever answer was voted most will be having it's very own post all about it! For example today was the last day of voting for this week's poll.  This week's question was, "Which is your favorite shaman?" The most voted answer was......... drum roll please!..... PECK! W00t!  This answer was voted by 4 votes :D The other answers to choose from were...

  • Sir Gilbert
  • Greely
  • Graham
  • Liza
  • Cosmo
  • What are shamans..?
This post will be all about Peck :D I'll be stating some cool talents about her for you to enjoy :) Anyways let's begin! Peck is the newest Alpha chosen by Mira. She enjoys art most. She is extremely talented at art and has a personality that is very energetic. She gets bored very easily so you should keep her entertained well ;) She never sits still. Do you know how there are little bubbles popping up in a glass of Cocacola or Fanta? They remind me of her. She is outstandingly hyper.  She actually sounds a lot like me xD Anyways thats all for now! Oh! I almost forgot! Here are a few pictures of her:

Keep on Jammin'

Sunday, December 16, 2012

@Lilliou22's Comment!

Heya Jammers! It's been more then 4 days! Thanks for reminding me Lilliou22 ;) Anyways I would like to talk about her comment. This is what she wrote:
Been more than 4 dayyyyys... Y'know what that meeeeans ;D 

Okay I'm not gonna make you do anything silly, but I would like it if you could, in some way, honor those lost in the Sandy Hook school shooting. 

Now probably many of you have heard about the Sandy Hook shooting. It was a very scary and depressing moment. For those who don't know what happened, I shall tell you. A man (probably mental or on drugs) went into an elementary school in Connecticut with 3 guns. He killed 20 children and 6 adults for no reason known. By accident he shot himself in his foot and died. He was a terrible man for doing something like this. This is one of the most craziest thing I have ever heard. Now please remember, don't be frightened of your school! This has never happened before. Please don't be scared. Your school is safe! Please remember that. I have made a banner in honor of all of the people who died. I have written their names and age.
(click to enlarge)
Well that's all for this Post. I'll post later I just have to go do some chores >.< Bye!
Keep on Jammin'

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I'm back :D

Heya Jammers I'm back! Gonna start postin again :P Anyways I'm terribly sorry for not posting before V.V Just super busy at home :T  Anyways here's the newspaper:
                       Omg! Happy Jamaalidays Jammers! I hope you have a terrific Jamaaliday break!
                              Now some of you from last year might remember this :D Cool right?
                                    Whoa!!! They brought back Pet Reindeers? Cool!
                                          Wow! Those wrist bands look super cool!
                                Stickers?!? Omg! That's soo cool! Are you thinking of buying some?
                                             Wow! Peck is really talented isn't she?
Also guess what? You know how I haven't been posting lately? Well I'm going to make it fun for all of us! If I don't post for at least four days you get to dare me to do something. It has to follow Bunny's rules and the dare isn't allowed for me to give away items. Pretty fun huh? So for example you can make me scream out in Jamaa, "MY DOG JUST ATE MY TOOTHBRUSH!" Or something random like that xD.
That's all I have for now Dx I'll post more later just have to work on some chores! Byee!!
Keep on Jammin'