Monday, September 17, 2012

Items & More!

Hi jammers! I'm sorry I forgot to post about these new items >.< But here they are:
 These items are in Jam Mart Clothing.
 This firefly necklace is in Epic Wonders.
And this scuba thing is from Kani Cove.
Then a couple of days ago I went to this den, it was AMAZING! It was like a snow den! And guess what? It was for NONMEMBERS! Check out these awesome pics I got of the snow den!

Quickly go to iice's den now so you can check out the awesome snow den!

Cool right? BTW I'll be going to a jammer's den every week and I might make a post of how awesome it is!
Oh ya and remember how I said I would do those contests and all? I'll be making a contest this week for the next post! (I'm sorry if the prizes might not be so good, that's all I have!)
Ok and this Rare Monday's rare is.... 
Then anyways some of you might remember Blossom's Adventure, or Anyways I decided I'll start posting on Blossom's Adventure again :D
That's all for this post Jammers! See ya!
Keep on Jammin'


  1. Check out BtrdToast's den! It's AWESOME (and non member!) some other cool dens...

    AtomicTeddyBear (member)
    Mrhi1 (member)
    Djskyler210 (member)

    BtrdToast is my favorite den of all of them (He is also an AMAZING friend!)

  2. Hey, Lillilou!
    I started posting again!



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