Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Items & more!

Heya Jammers sorry I'm late with the new items I was really busy with my homeschooling >.< Ok so here all the new items I know of in Jamaa:

Here is the Zios Mask:

At first I thought it was super beta, it was on a trade list, but then I realized you can just buy it.... I kind of feel bad for this one girl because she traded her legendary glove and a glove for one because someone told her it was one of the rarest things on AJ :T BTW this picture is all credit to

Guess what? The Summer Carnival is GONE! I just logged in to go to the carnival but no, I can't anymore D: Also todays the new update! W00t! Sadly my membership expires soon D:
Also the new mushroom den came out! Yayz! I'm going to try to save up to buy one and when I do I'll let me den unlocked so you can see how a mushroom den looks like!

Then there's a JAM-A-GRAM art contest! Make an awesome but scary Jam a Gram for Halloween! W00t! But remmeber Jammers! You don't have to do it to win! It can be fun! At least you can try!

Now some of you who have been here last year, might remember Halloween in Jamma! Well it's here again and it's all dark and Halloweenish! Here's the Newspaper Jammers:

Isn't that so cool how you can get a prize? I think it is :D
That's all for now Jammers!
Keep on Jammin

P.S: What are you being for Halloween? Leave a comment in the comment box below!

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