Friday, September 14, 2012

New Update!

Heya Jammers! Well guess what? The new update is finally here! Also guess what? It's AJ 2nd birthday! W00t! I can't believe I've been playing Animal Jam for two whole years now! Also if you type in the code BIRTHDAYBASH when you log in, you get a ginormous birthday cake! Here are all the picks I got so far:

Well it is a little disappointing for me that they haven't released the new den yet. But I do understand that it takes a long time to make a drawing into a whole entire den. Anyways I also think they should at least have ONE other den for non members. Non members have NEVER ever had another den to change to. But I have to say the den from beta was way cooler then the dens non members have today!
Anyways here is the Birthday Party for AJ!

 This was the shop at the party:

 It's basically just the statue's from the Chamber of Knowledge but bronze.

I really liked how they did that little touch that when you walk around the cake it looks like your burried in it. Then when I left the party I got this:

I must find out what did they do for the short update! 
Well that is all I have for now Jammers! See ya!
Keep on Jammin'

P.S: I'm almost done with the music video!

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