Monday, October 1, 2012

I am a member.. for another month -.-

Yesh... I'm a member for another month.. Apparently AJ renews your membership automaticall  This got me kind of  ticked off because now I have to pay for it AGAIN. I'm not sure if the money is worth being a member because being a non member really is fun. It's terrific. I've been a non-member for 2 years. Trust me I know whether it's good or not. I'll probably be getting a member for Christmas, or my Birth Day.  So Jammers, if you're a nonmember, and you think being a member is way better, listen to this: It's not. I'm not saying that I hate membership or anything, but I just think being a member is not the best thing that can happen on AJ. So see ya l8z ;)
Keep on Jammin!

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