Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Newest Update!

Hey jammers! This new update has some awesome cool things! A new animal soon coming to Jamaa, a new party, a new item contest, a new game, and so much more!  First off I would like to talk about the new game, Jamaa Derby. Now many of you have probably noticed that most of the new games are only for members, well the best thing about this game is is that it's for nonmembers too!! YIPPEE! I have to admit I think it's one of the  best games AJ has ever made! It's a horse game, in this game you are a horse and you race to the finish line. Whoever is first wins a jackpot of 100 gems! You have to jump over the obstacles to win, but if you by accident go through them then it slows down your horse! So be careful! After you win about 20 rounds (this is just what I'm guessing I'm not really sure) you can play the pro version of Jamaa Derby! The pro version is with harder people, more obstacles, and greater prize proportions. Check out some of these really awesome pictures I took!

Here is the starting area. If you noticed there is a golden horse shoe under one horse. That shows which horse you are. If you are a nonmember or if you are a member with no horse, then you cannot choose your horses colors. The neat thing about being a member in this game is that before you play it, and if you have a horse you can choose how you would like to look like! You see, like these horses: 

I love this game so much because it gets you a lot of gems super quick, it tells you about some really cool facts, and it gives us nonmembers the feeling of how it would be to be a member animal! I got 10,000 gems in just a couple of days from this game. Also when someone told me that nonmembers could play it too, boy was I happy! The facts are also I love to play this game! Did you know that horses can rotate their ears 180 degrees? That is half of rotating them all the way! You can find these fun facts at the end of the race when they show the places. Take a look:

Pretty cool huh? Well I cannot write about the pro right now because it would take too long. I'll talk about it on my next post though! 

Anyways I'll be moving on, there's this awesome new party, the Cruise Ship Party! This party really does remind me of being on vacation! There are some really cool things that you can do at this party. Such as slide down the water slide, see some awesome dolphins in the water, get your own smoothie machine for your den, by some new den items only available on the ship, get a cool drink to cool you down from the smoothie machine, and the most important thing to do is sit back and relax! Check out some pictures I took when I was having so much fun at the party (there's a new glitch at this party and I'll show you how to do it in another post!) !

Also I'm very surprised the pet bunnies were not gone yet.. I thought they would be by now.. anyways get yours today before  you cannot get it anymore! It would be pretty funny if a bunny had it's own pet bunny! 

Some of you might have witnessed loosing some of your rares from the big update! Some friends of mine have lost their rares! If you lost a rare and you don't have any more of that special item that you desire, then tell me about it in a comment! I'll put up a lost post for people who lost their rares during that update! 

There are some really cool items that just came out. Like the 2nd nonmember item in Epic wonders (a copper brick) and a really cool necklace, the moon necklace! 

Well jammers that is really all I have for now. Oh ya one more thing, I just finished Blossom's Adventure's 6th chapter, Escaping Under Moonlight. So be sure to check it out at http://blossomsadventure.blogspot.com/

Keep on Jammin'

(P.S.: Sorry I didn't have a lot of pictures! On my computer it takes a long time to crop and upload them! Please try to understand!)

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