Saturday, April 21, 2012

New items and More!

Heya jammers! I noticed that there is a hat collection, one that is shaped like a bunny, one like a monkey, and one like a panda!  You might have already noticed this but I actually just found out about it! Check out the hats that has already came out!

Also now with the tab of Animal Jam, they added a new thing to it. It says Play Now.

If you were on Animal Jam almost a year ago AJ was selling a train set. It went on clearance and was taken away from Jam Mart Furniture. Ever since it was considered rare, but now you can buy it today! 
I guess the AJHQ has decided to bring in a lot of more items 'cause a ton of things are on clearance....

Now bunnies are available as pets! But buy 'em quick 'cause it's a limited time only!
Guess what? Epic Wonders just had it's first non member item! YAYZ! It's a silver block!! Also I noticed that there were some gold blocks piled on the floor.... I've never seen this before! I usually NEVER go in Epic Wonders so this was new for me.

Now Epic Wonders has returned the red sports car!

Plus now your pet duck can dash in the new pet game, Ducky Dash!

There's also a new party! AJ's very first ocean party! YAY (again)! I haven't gotten the time to go to one yet but when I can I'll post about it and show some pics and to finish off with I would like to say that one of your designs might get picked! Well that's all I have for now,
Keep on Jammin'!

(P.S.: I finished Chapter #4 of Blossom's Adventure. Here's the link to it:

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