Sunday, October 14, 2012

So sorry and new update!

Sorry jammers I haven't posted in a while >.< I am just super busy with my homeschooling, playing with friends, and more that I keep forgetting about the new posts! I'm having some MAJOR testing in homeschooling so it's kind of hard >.< I promise when I'm done with the testing I will post more often like before. Anyways here's the new update:

Pretty cool huh?
Not to be rude or anything but I am a little disappointed that AJHQ coppied the EXACT same things from last year. But I understand that it's hard to think of new ideas every two weeks, especially for Halloween. Anyways you know the prizes they give out? Guess what? I interviewed some Jammers about the prizes they won, and most said that they got Mech Angel Wings. I won and I got some mech angel wings too -.- Another person said they got STAR GLASSES. I'm guessing that you have to try a lot of times before you get something rare. Kind of like the claw game at the trading party, usually you get these ok items, but if you try and try and try you can win a glove!! I won my blue glove like that, but I gave it away as a birthday gift to one of my really good friends. Just try not to get your hopes up on the game >.<
Here are the new items in Jamaa:

Cool right?
Anyways there's a new party called the Haunted Forest party! I've been to it but didn't take any pictures >.<
I'll take the pictures next time I go. Anyways that's all for now Jammers! I'll post more soon!
Keep on Jammin'

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