Thursday, October 25, 2012


Heya Jammers! Today is the new update!! Yay! Here's the newspaper:

Cool right? Wait a second.... Look at page 3!

Say whaaaaaa? Did you read that Jammers? There's an animal that will be for EVERYONE! Hmm... If only we knew what animal it would be.....

It's a turtle Jammers! W00t!!!!! So make sure you save up your gems, cause turtles are coming!
Then also guess what? AJHQ changed ALL of the loading screens! Isn't that so cool? They have shamans now! I think it's really amazing! :D

How do you like the shaman loading screens? Anyways speaking about shamans now on the Daily Explorer you can learn so much about shamans! Click here to go to the post about a shaman named... Liza! Pretty cool huh? Anyways here are the new items:

Fangs? Uh oh! Don't bite me D:
Anyways there's a whole new game! It's called Splash and Dash! Sadly it's only for members :( It's exactly like Jamaa Derby but with dolphins! Hopefully they will let non members play too just like Jamaa Derby. Anyways here's how it looks like in the game:
(click to enlarge)
Pretty similar right?
Anyways that's all for now Jammers!
Keep on Jammin!


  1. Omigosh! Non member TURTLES! YEEEAY! And the new loading screens look AWESOME. I love the Peck one... (Peck is my favorite shaman!)



    ...who Apparently has a not-so-subtle thing for Turtles! ;3

  2. Oh sorry... Peck is my favorite "Alpha" ... I'm still so used to calling them Shamans

    1. That's my favorite too! Isn't she really pretty?


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