Monday, August 20, 2012

Have you noticed?

Hey Jammers! I'll be making "Have you noticed?" posts about some things spot in Jamaa. In today's HYN (Have You Noticed) I found something at Mt. Shiveer. I already spotted it but I'm getting more and more curious about it each day! There's a dinosaur frozen in the ice! Maybe it could be a new room! Like a place with extinct creatures frozen on the ice walls. Kind of like Ice Age!  Wouldn't that be cool? Anyways here is the pic!

If it was actually going to be a room, how do you thoink it would look like? Create a picture of it, send it to the site's e-mail address ( and if it's approved (inappropriate content not allowed) then it might be featured on the next post! All entries are due by this Friday.
That's all I have for now Jammers!
Keep on Jammin'


  1. YESS, I have non that since like, the first time i saw it.

  2. Ya but when it was beta, (and a couple months afterwards) they didn't have it.

    Keep on Jammin'


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