Saturday, June 16, 2012

Best update yet!

Hey jammers! Sorry I haven't done the new update post yet it's just I had a lot to do on Saturday and Friday! Guess what? SUMMER CARNIVAL IS HERE! YAY!! Also there's a new humming bird pet packet that you can buy at Animal Jam Outfitters.
It gives you a one-month membership, a humming bird (you cannot get it at Claws n Paws) and the exclusive pet's own bird house! Pretty cool huh? Then the summer carnival is here and you can play games to earn tickets and use the tickets on exclusive items.
Sadly though the exclusive items are really expensive. They're like 10,000 tickets! 
But the games are really fun. My favorite game is Whack-a-phantom. It's like Whack-a-hedgehog except it's the AJ version. Every time you play you have to spend five gems though.
Also the instructions are easy really. Just hit the black phantoms with your pallet. Each time you hit one you get 10 points. Such as the first phantom you hit you get 10, then the next one 20, the next one 30, and so on. Every time you hit a golden phantom your points double up. The next time you hit another golden phantom you get it quadrupled (x4). If you hit the black phantoms with red glowing lights your points go back down to 10. Such as if I hit another phantom and it was 450 points then I hit a red phantom, the next phantoms I hit will restart the points and be back to 10, 20, and so on.
 Then you try to hit as many phantoms as possible before time runs out. The more black and golden phantoms you hit, the more tickets you get.
Then another game is Candy Catch. It's basically just like the smoothie machine except you have to catch all the candy and not the phantoms in your cup.
It's kind of hard for me but it's still REALLY fun! 

Then there's another game called Phantom Ball where you try to hit a ball into a ring or a little cup. The weird thing about this game is that it doesn't have any instructions. The other games have instructions except for this one. This one is really fun too.
You see the golden hoop? Well you have to try to hit it. Ever time after you hit the ball the golden glow changes to another location. If you hit it, you get x2 on all of your scores. If you hit it again you get x3.
That's really all the games. But there's another game that doesn't earn you tickets but cotton candy! You can make your own cotton candy and it's really cool! My favorite flavor is pink and blue, strawberry and I think blueberry (not 100% if it's blueberry even though I love it!) First you choose a cone:
Then a flavor: After you choose your flavor the circle will fill up with the cotton candy flavor.
Then with your cone collect the candy. 
Then you can either press done to have your whole cotton candy the same flavor or choose two other flavors.
I like having another flavor so I usually don't click done. 
Then you do the exact same step as before:
Then repeat it again..:
Then.. YAY! You made virtual cotton candy!
The cool thing is that you can actually have the cotton candy!
Cool right? Anyways here are all the exclusive items you can get at the carnival! First there are exclusive plushies:

Then the clothing:
Then you know how in the animal museum there is that facts table with pages you can print with those cool facts? Well they have a print-out activity table at the Summer Carnival!
That's really all about the Summer Carnival. But there's this really weird thing going on in the clothing shops and your clothing inventory. Once again, AJHQ came up with a "brilliant" idea... 3D clothing items.  When I saw the clothing items after this update I thought they looked creepy... 
These are just a few items of all of my clothing items. The Medusa mask really creeps me out... So do the fox hat's, turkey's, and cat's eyes......... Anyways Jammers Summer is here! Sadly I'm still in school, but I'll still be posting. Also guess what? I'm probably going to be a member in July! Then there's also a new drawing contest! So pull out that creativity and try to design a.......... drum role please!.... PET! Make you're own pet and it can be anything! It can be your own designed monster, a new discovered creature, just design whatever you want! Enter your drawing by tomorrow so you can get your pet featured throughout the whole Jamaa! Remember no matter what happens if you won  or loose, you tried! Trying is the most important thing!Also I have some MAJOR news! Well apparently in the next update penguins will be able for everyone! Nonmembers or members you can waddle around Animal Jam!
I tried to make it look how a nonmember penguin would be when you bought it for non-members! It's not the best but I tried :) Also today I got my very first fan mail! This is what she wrote (click picture in enlarge):
So thanks so much TheSafari07! I'm happy you like my website! :D
Also yesterday I saw XxFreeSpiritxX! It was so cool! She was in Jamaa and well basically I was yelling her name :) Sadly she couldn't add me because her buddy list was full, but I added her other account. Then I asked her to at least send me a jam-a-gram! It was so cool!
Here's the jam-a-gram she sent me:
Cool right? Well that's really all there is for this update. See ya around jammers!
Keep on Jammin'


  1. Hi This is TheSafari07! Thank you for putting my message on your blog! I also was happy to meet you today. I'm sorry, but when we both were going to go to the carnival party, I couldn't get in and this person came up to me and kept talking to me. I was trying to come, but i didn't want to be rude to that person. Sorry and maybe we can go there later or something.
    -TheSafari07 :)

    1. It's ok! My computer froze and then I had to get off the internet anyways. Plus when someone talks to you it's ok to send a jam-a-gram to the person you were supposed to meet saying that you can't come. I'm pretty sure if you did this they would understand (so do I :D). I would love to meet each other sometime! It would be really cool :)
      Keep On Jammin'

  2. Wow, cool blog!
    ps. Hey Safari (:

  3. Heya!

    I just wanted to say that I LOVE your blog!
    Happy Jamming!


    P.S. Will you comment on my blog? Please do :) .

    1. Ya I will soon. :)
      Keep On Jammin'


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